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Language Studies

Study with Us – Egyptian, Hebrew, Ojibway, Phoenician, and more.


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A Passion for Preserving the Past

Language Studies

Many families need to preserve their artistic and intellectual gifts. Let us photograph, scan, and preserve the product of their skills to make them available to their family members and all others interested.

3D Scanning

With the Einstar scanner, we can capture exceptional amount of detail while creating a 3d model of the artifact. The scanner produces a forensic footprint for research, replica creation, and general modeling needs.


We use a high quality Digital Camera with the finest lenses and lighting to retain perfect colorization with the absence of reflective glare.

Historical Artifacts

So much is hidden in the vaults of the numerous historical repositories. We seek after access, archiving, and making public the hidden past which has already been found.

Native American Artifacts

The study of Native American history fascinates our team. We desire to obtain photographs and scans of all ancient Native American artifacts that we can have made available to us and the public. If the artifacts are hidden away, we seek to have them brought out for digital archiving.

Artifacts without Provenance

There are many artifacts which challenge the status quo of history. We apply forensics and make the findings available to the intended audience.

An array of tools

Our comprehensive tools and technology skills allow for an in-depth forensic trail needed to prove exactly what you have.

Researching Artifacts

  • Family Artifacts
  • Native American Artifacts
  • American History Artifacts
  • World History Artifacts

Artifact Forensic Research

  • High Power Microscope.
  • 3D Scanning.
  • Knowledge of Tools of the Ancients.

Family Artifact Preservation

  • Save your family artifacts as images and 3d scans.
  • Place images in Family Search Memories
  • Place images and scans on a website.
  • Create a book to share with family members.

“Digital preservation and image availability are keys to keeping history alive”

Brian Nettles

President, Artifact Research Institute, LLC